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Green coffee has created ripples in the weight loss industry. And its inclusion in Dr. Oz's show took it to the top.

We all love a refreshing cup of coffee after a hard and tiring day at work and wouldn't mind a cup or two if we want to keep awake at night. However, not everyone is aware that this same drink can help when it comes to weight loss. Green coffee beans have gained popularity as a sure fire method to shed stubborn weight.

Let's see how this drink helps burn fat and get you fighting fit.

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What is Green Coffee?

We've all heard of brown coffee beans.

But, you must be wondering what green coffee beans are.

Are they called green coffee beans because they are obtained from a different source?


Green coffee beans are not sourced from a different plant.

They are simply unroasted coffee beans.

All substances obtained from plants are refined and processed so as to make it fit for consumption. The coffee beans you use are extracted from berries that grow on the coffee plant. These berries grow in clusters. Each berry bears two seeds or beans. After the berries have been picked, the seeds are removed and prepared for further processing.

The first method used is the wet method. In this method, the beans are kept immersed in water from approximately 1 to 3 days and are allowed to ferment. The fermentation rids the beans of impurities and lends a stronger flavor to the coffee. Fermentation is followed by washing and drying of the coffee beans. The coffee beans retain their green color and so are called green coffee beans. The second conventionally used method is the dry method wherein the beans after harvesting are sun dried for around two weeks.

Companies that want to market the coffee beans as a beverage roast the green coffee beans. These beans are roasted for a specific time at a specified temperature. Roasting determines the flavor and color of the coffee. In earlier times, coffee beans were consumed in their unroasted form and this custom is still practiced in some cultures. Today, green coffee beans have gained immense popularity for their health benefits. Green coffee is stated to be more effective in the extract form that is when taken in the form of supplements.

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How Does it Work?

A range of studies and experiments conducted prove that regular intake of green coffee supplement results in significant reduction in overall body weight or body fat. It was also noted that the efforts were not supplemented with exercise or a strict diet.

Green coffee is a rich source of chlorogenic acid and antioxidants. The antioxidants contained in green coffee enable the body to fight free radicals. However, the primary ingredient that raises its status in the weight loss supplement industry is chlorogenic acid. This substance accelerates metabolism and cuts down absorption of glucose in the blood. It keeps the body energized, suppresses appetite and aids with weight loss. Green coffee beans are thus an effective, safe and natural way to lose weight.

Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

There are several benefits of using green coffee bean extract. The chlorogenic acid present in green coffee bean extract helps burn fat. It revs up metabolism to burn fat obtained from the body as well as existing fatty deposits in the body. It also prevents the creation of new fatty deposits. The antioxidants detoxify the body. They protect the body from damage caused free radicals and prevent premature aging. By regulating glucose levels in the blood it proves to be effective for health conditions such as diabetes. It lowers blood cholesterol and maintains blood pressure. It also increases energy and does away with sluggishness that accompanies obesity and overweight.

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Green coffee bean acts as a health supplement with its numerous benefits and is free from side effects. However, there are some precautions one should take before taking it. Do not take green coffee bean if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Intake of green coffee bean extract should be avoided if you suffer heart problems and irregularities. Green coffee bean extract should not be used in conjunction with other caffeinated drinks as it could result in caffeine overdose. Avoid taking this supplement if you are allergic to caffeine.

You should consult a doctor on the use of green coffee if you are currently on medications or suffer from a chronic illness. Its use and effectiveness in children is still being studied. Thus, green coffee bean extract should be used only by persons above 18 years of age.

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